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Titanium color option

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The image is an example. Paid option for coloring (anodizing). Only possible on classic titanium and custom ... Choose the color, then add to the basket with the titanium plectrum you chose, your titanium plectrum will reach you then colored the color of your choice. See also the tips below ...

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We advise the anodizing (coloring) xtrem, that is to say the one that will bring a better resistance to wear even when playing guitar and moreover its color is beautiful ... "A very clear green with pearlescent reflections ... "The colors bring a better resistance and will also fix the shine of the metal which can become a little dull with the time without anodization, the titanium does not oxidize however, it is hypoallergenic, hardly heavier than the aluminum but much more resistant.

-In pendant color can hold several years, the game on guitar the tip will lose color.